No Rulers Heart Shaped Anarchy Pin

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No Rulers! Hart shaped anarchy lapel pin


1″ x 1″ Enamel lapel pin. Each enamel pin requires of a unique metal die. The backing is die-struck like a coin, and then the recesses of the design are filled with colored enamel. Finally the pin is baked in a kiln for durability and polished to protect the lustrous jewelry-like finish.

White = Pacifist/Christian

Yellow = Capitalist/Free Market

Blue = Transhumanist

Green = Environmentalist/Primitivist

Orange = Mutualist/Crypto

Pink = Queer/LGBT

Purple = Feminist/Gender Egalitarian

Red = Communist/Socialist

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White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red


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No Rulers! Hart shaped anarchy lapel pin